Administration of Medication Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy

Supporting Pupils With Medical Needs Policy

Acton Gardens Primary School is an inclusive community that welcomes and supports pupils with medical conditions so that they can play a full and active role in all aspects of school life, remain as healthy as possible and achieve their academic potential

The Department for Education statutory guidance ‘Supporting pupils with medical conditions at school’ (2014) states: “Children and young people with medical conditions are entitled to a full education and have the same rights of admission to school as other children

This means that no child with a medical condition can be denied admission or prevented from taking up a place in school because arrangements for their medical condition have not been made. However, in line with their safeguarding duties, governing bodies should ensure that pupils’ health is not put at unnecessary risk from, for example, infectious diseases.”

This policy takes into account the school’s legal duties under the Children and Families Act 2014 to make arrangements to support pupils with medical conditions, as well as its duties under the Equality Act 2010

This policy details the school’s arrangements to support pupils with long term medical conditions. In this document ‘medical condition’ refers to any physical or mental health condition that requires ongoing health professional input

This policy will be reviewed in June 2019 or earlier if there is any change in the regulations

The effectiveness of these procedures will be monitored by the governing board

Full Medical Needs Policy

Date of last review:
January 2020

Date of next review:
January 2023