Behaviour Policy

Positive social and learning behaviours are necessary to promote effective teaching and learning. It is essential that our behaviour systems help to create a well-ordered, calm and respectful environment where children can grow in confidence, feel safe and have the opportunity to learn, achieve and be successful

We have very high expectations regarding behaviour and aim to develop children’s understanding of the impact of choices they make, whether positive or negative. We understand that behaviour is not automatically learned. Instead, positive behaviours must be modelled, explained, taught, supported and recognised. If we want pupils to behave in a particular way, we are responsible for making it clear to them how we want them to behave. Information relating to understanding behaviour is attached to this document

For our Behaviour Policy to work effectively all teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and governors need to be involved. It is intended that this policy applies throughout the school and at all times, including lunchtime, Breakfast/Tea Time clubs and extra-curricular activities. The governing body will support the school in setting and maintaining the highest standards possible in behaviour management

Behaviour and Safety are inspected by Ofsted during school inspections. Following the school’s most recent inspection (January 2019), the Behaviour and Safety of pupils was judged to be ‘good’

Pupils conduct themselves well in lessons and at different times of the day. They are polite and respectful to staff and to one another. (Ofsted January 2019)


  • To create a positive school ethos based on mutual respect and partnership, where there are clear expectations of acceptable behaviour
  • To foster shared responsibility amongst all staff, pupils and parents, for encouraging good behaviour and actively discouraging unacceptable behaviour
  • To foster the personal and social development of all pupils to enhance their self-esteem and develop their understanding of positive citizenship
  • To promote an atmosphere of calmness and purpose throughout the school
  • To develop pupils’ understanding of their rights and responsibilities as members of a ‘Rights Respecting’ School (UNICEF)

We value:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Respect

We believe that we should:

  • all be happy and help other people to be happy
  • all be as healthy as we can be
  • all feel safe
  • all learn and help other people to learn
  • all work to reach our full potential

We expect:

  • Everyone in the school to do their best to reach their goals
  • Everyone to behave well
  • Everyone to follow the school rules
  • Everyone to ask forgiveness if they hurt anyone or disrupt the learning and wellbeing of our school

Full Behaviour Policy:

Date of last review:
January 2021

Date of next review:
January 2023