Governing Board Roles & Responsibilities

Governing Board Mission Statement

The Governing Board will work in partnership with the school leadership and community to create a supportive environment in which pupils’ creativity and passion for learning flourishes, setting high expectations for pupils’ achievements and recognising the value of high-quality teaching and the vital role of parents in pupil development

Governing Board Roles
The clerk is responsible for ensuring that the GBs work is well organised and lawful, providing administrative services, giving advice on GB legislation and attending full GB meetings and subcommittee meetings

The Resources Committee will monitor and evaluate the use of and impact of the school’s budget, recruitment and professional development of staff and premises

The Curriculum Committee will monitor and evaluate pupil achievement and the quality of teaching, ensuring the school provides a high-quality learning experience and delivers a broad and balanced curriculum in keeping with the school’s aims, all pupil needs and legal requirements

GB Attendance

GB Attendance