Parents/Carers Code of Conduct Policy


We believe staff, parents and children at Acton Gardens Primary School are entitled to a safe and protective environment in which to work

Behaviour that will cause harassment, alarm or distress to users of the premises is contrary to the aims of the school

The purpose of this policy is to provide a reminder to all parents, carers and visitors to our school about the expected conduct. This is so we can continue to flourish progress and achieve in an atmosphere of mutual understanding


As well as following the guidance set out in our Home-School Agreement, we expect parents, carers and visitors to:

  • Respect our school values and our caring ethos
  • Understand that both teachers and parents need to work together for the benefit of their children
  • Demonstrate that all members of the Berrymede School community should be treated with respect and therefore set a good example in their own speech and behaviour
  • Seek to clarify a child’s version of events with the school’s view in order to bring about a peaceful solution to any issue
  • Correct your own child’s behaviour especially in public where it could otherwise lead to conflict, aggressive behaviour or unsafe behaviour
  • Approach the school to help resolve any issues of concern
  • Avoid using staff as threats to admonish children’s behaviour

In order to support a peaceful and safe school environment the school cannot tolerate parents, carers and visitors exhibiting the following:

  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes or threatens to interfere with the operation of a classroom, an employee’s office, office area or any other area of the school grounds including team matches
  • Using loud/or offensive language, swearing, cursing, using profane language or displaying temper
  • Threatening to do actual bodily harm to a member of school staff, Governor, visitor, fellow parent/carer or pupil regardless of whether or not the behaviour constitutes a criminal offence
  • Damaging or destroying school property
  • Abusive or threatening e-mails or text/voicemail/phone messages or other written communication
  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school or any of the pupils/parents/staff at the school on Facebook or other social sites. Any concerns you may have about the school must be made through the appropriate channels by speaking to the class teacher, the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors, so they can be dealt with fairly, appropriately and effectively for all concerned
  • The use of physical aggression towards another adult or child. This includes physical punishment against your own child on school premises
  • Approaching someone else’s child in order to discuss or chastise them because of the actions of this child towards their own child. (Such an approach to a child may be seen to be an assault on that child and may have legal consequences)
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol or other drugs whilst on school property
  • Dogs are being brought onto school premises

Unacceptable behaviour may result in the Police being informed

The school reserves the right to take any necessary actions to ensure that members of the school community are not subjected to abuse

School premises are private property and parents have been granted permission from the school to be on school premises. However, in case of abuse or threats to staff, pupils or other parents, school may ban parents from entering school

It is also an offence under section 547 of the Education Act 1997 for any person (including
a parent) to cause a nuisance or disturbance on school premises. The police may becalled to assist in removing the person concerned

School is not responsible for organising arrangements for children in the above circumstances. Parents will need to provide alternative arrangements for bringing children into school

Date of last review:
June 2021

Date of next review:
June 2023