Remote Learning Policy


At Acton Primary School we understand the need to continue to provide quality learning and education opportunities, including periods of lock and national lock-down for class groups, individuals and the whole school (if required). We recognise the importance of maintaining high expectations for pupils and of trying to ensure equity in terms of access to resources and support

1. Aims

This remote learning policy for staff aims to:

Ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for pupils who are not in school
Set out expectations for all members of the school community with regards to remote learning
Provide appropriate guidelines for data protection
Minimise any disruption to learning and education (as much as is possible)

Ensure learning provision is in place to provide curriculum access for pupils (as required)

 2.1 Teachers

When providing remote learning, teachers must be available between the normal school hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm

If they are unable to work for any reason during this time, for example, due to sickness or caring for a dependent, they should report this using the normal absence procedure to the head teacher or deputy head teacher

When providing remote learning, teachers are responsible for:

Facilitating Learning Tasks and Resources:

Providing isolating pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum comprising quality online learning opportunities via MS Teams that potentially include the following:

  • Videos that explain new concepts (e.g. Pre-recorded teacher videos via dojo Khan Academy, BBC Bitesize, Oak Academy)
  • Information for pupils to read (e.g. information sheets/slides or PowerPoint)
  • Modelled examples and stimulus (e.g. calculation methods/a sample diary entry)
  • Activities and games provided by online learning facilitators (e.g. TT Rockstars, Busy Things etc.)
  • Electronic worksheets and writing frames for pupils to complete via MS Teams. Paper ‘learning packs’ that support learning tasks will also be given to pupils prior to them leaving the school premises and staff must have 5 copies of these packs ready everyday

See Appendix 1 for Class closure and isolation expectations and below for general principles

Ensuring that work is closely matched to our curriculum and MTP so that pupils will be able
to move forward in their learning and continue to revise key concepts

  • Accept the fact that learning remotely will be more difficult, so tasks will be set in smaller steps/ chunks for children to follow
  • Being in regular communication to ensure consistency in learning between pupils remaining in school and those at home especially in relation to foundation subjects
  • Providing pupils with a suggested daily timetable that outlines a clear sequence of daily expectations for learning and other important activities such as those that support pupils’ physical and mental health.
  • Activities on Teams should come with clear instructions for pupils and accompanying videos or models. These should not be live videos by web accessed or staff pre-recorded (Loom etc)
  • Considering as much as possible how the learning needs of all pupils who are absent can
    be met. This could be through providing additional supporting materials or setting different ‘levels of challenge’ as detailed in Appendix 1
  • Ensuring that pupils who do not have access to a laptop/tablet and/or reliable internet connection can access high quality materials through the provision of additional paper ‘Learning Packs’ that, as far as possible, match the digital learning

Providing Feedback to Pupils:

Providing feedback where appropriate through relevant channels.

  • Private feedback will also take place daily for pupils during directed time. There is no expectation that staff will communicate with pupils/parents outside of directed time

Monitoring Pupils’ Access:

  • Monitoring pupils’ use of some of the online learning platforms used (E. g. Reading Plus, TT Rockstars, IDL) and feeding back to the leadership team which pupils have not been accessing them regularly (See Appendix 1 section on contacting pupils)
  • Ensuring that pupils adhere to the given deadline when completing their relevant learning tasks
  • Researching and previewing curriculum content and resources to check their suitability before they are uploaded for pupils
  • Allow flexibility in the completion of activities, understanding that the circumstances leading to our closure will affect families in a number of ways
  • Forwarding any complaints or concerns shared by parents and pupils (for any safeguarding concerns, refer to Section 3 of this policy) to the Senior Leadership Team

2.2 Teaching Partners/One2One staff

When assisting with remote learning, teaching assistants must be available between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm

If they are unable to work for any reason during this time, for example, due to sickness or caring for a dependent, they should report this using the normal absence procedure

One 2 ones may be directed to offline and online training while not on-site during class closures or isolation as long as they are well

2.3 Subject Leaders

Alongside their teaching responsibilities, subject leads are responsible for:

  • Considering whether any aspects of the subject curriculum need to be adapted to accommodate remote learning through dialogue with class teachers
  • Working collaboratively with class teachers to ensure all the work set for each subject is appropriate and consistent across year groups, providing pupils with the opportunity to continue to develop core learning skills and subject knowledge. This may involve meeting with staff to support or advise them
  • Working with other Subject Leaders, Senior Leaders and external agencies (PE and Music) to make sure work set remotely across all subjects is appropriate and consistent
  • Monitoring the remote work set by teachers in their subject by reviewing the work set, monitoring pupil usage (for relevant online content) and offering feedback to class teachers
  • Alerting teachers to resources, they can use to teach their subject remotely

2.4 Senior leaders

Alongside any teaching responsibilities, senior leaders are responsible for:

  • Co-ordinating the remote learning approach across the school to ensure that all pupils are able to receive a quality education whilst they are away from school. This includes being aware of families who do not have access to a laptop or tablet or a reliable internet connection and require alternative means to access content
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of remote learning by meeting regularly with teachers and subject leaders, reviewing the work set (both online and sent as work packs) and providing relevant feedback and CPD for staff
  • Keeping in regular contact with parents, including the facilitation of weekly ‘KIT (Keeping in Touch) Calls’ so that difficulties in accessing or completing the work can be addressed, is essential if we have a full closure and previous call list will be picked up
  • Monitoring the security of remote learning systems, including data protection, GDPR and safeguarding considerations

2.5 Designated safeguarding leads

The DSL and deputies are responsible for:

  • Raising awareness of staff and visitors, of the need for child protection procedures and of their responsibilities in identifying and reporting possible cases of abuse
  • To provide a systematic means of monitoring children thought to be at risk.
  • To emphasise the need for good levels of communication between all staff
  • To develop a structured and clearly defined internal procedure to be followed by all members of the school community in cases of suspected abuse
  • To promote understanding and build relationships with other agencies in order to work together more effectively
  • To work with the PSHE subject leader to promote children’s personal, social and health development in ways which foster security, confidence and independence and to work with the computing subject leader to promote e-safety
  • To develop a network of support which would be made known to staff or parents e.g. details of parent support groups; parent networks; and relevant telephone numbers
  • To report cases to Ealing Children Services 2.6

2.6 IT staff/ Computing Lead and Technicians

These staff are responsible for:

  • Fixing issues with systems used to set and collect work
  • Helping staff with any technical issues they or pupils may be experiencing, including accessing online learning platforms
  • Monitoring and reviewing the security of remote learning systems and flagging any data protection breaches to the data protection officer and head teacher
  • Plan and allocate the use of “school borrowing computer devices” and ensure home use agreements are completed by families
  • Following the direction of the Senior Leadership Team to aid in the provision of any new online learning systems that we would like to adopt

2.8 Governing board

The governing board is responsible for:

  • Monitoring the school’s approach to providing remote learning to ensure education remains as high quality as possible
  • Ensuring that staff are certain that remote learning systems are appropriately secure, for both data protection and safeguarding reasons
  • Review and oversee the implementation of this policy

If staff have any questions or concerns about remote learning, they should contact the following

  • Issues in setting work – Talk to their HOY/DHT, relevant subject leader or SENCo
  • Issues with behaviour – Talk to the Deputy Head Teacher or Head Teacher
  • Issues with IT – Talk to the HT or Remote learning Lead
  • Issues with their own workload or wellbeing – Talk with HT/DHT
  • Concerns about safeguarding – contact DSL’s immediately

4.1 Accessing personal data

When accessing personal data for remote learning purposes, all staff members will:


  • How they can access the data, such as on a secure cloud service, my uso, remote access or a server in your IT network
  • Which devices they should use to access the data – if you’ve provided devices, such as laptops, make staff use these rather than their own personal devices

4.2 Processing personal data

Staff members may need to share personal data such as pupil phone numbers or pupil and parent email addresses as part of the remote learning system. As long as this processing is necessary for the school’s official functions, individuals will not need to give permission for this to happen

However, staff are reminded to collect and/or share as little personal data as possible online.

4.3 Keeping devices secure

All staff members will take appropriate steps to ensure their devices remain secure. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Keeping the device password-protected – strong passwords are at least 8 characters, with a combination of upper and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters (e.g. asterisk or currency symbol)
  • Ensuring the hard drive is encrypted – this means if the device is lost or stolen, no one can access the files stored on the hard drive by attaching it to a new device
  • Making sure the device locks if left inactive for a period of time
  • Not sharing the device among family or friends
  • Installing antivirus and anti-spyware software
  • Keeping operating systems up to date – always install the latest updates

Refer to the current “Child Protection Policy” including the “COVID addendum”

This policy may have links and associations with our:

  • Behaviour policy
  • Child protection policy and coronavirus addendum
  • Data protection policy and privacy notices
  • ICT and Internet acceptable use policy
  • Online safety policy

As always, if there are any safeguarding concerns at any point, please contact DSL straight away. Please call rather than email

In the event of a class closure, teachers and support staff will need to be available to work from 8:30 am- 3.30 pm daily

This will be to:

  • support parents and pupils and be available to answer questions
  • take part in online CPD
  • prepare work packs
  • provide additional work for children with SEN or those working below the bulk of the class
  • feedback to the school on how home learning is going and communicating difficulties
  • write a weekly report that will be submitted to DBI on difficulties, challenges and what went well
  • update IEPs and continue to meet whole school deadlines
  • The expectation is that all children access learning and complete activities daily
  • This work needs to be set and then feedback given to the children
  • Work will be set and communicated via MS Teams
  • Please ensure that there is appropriate learning for all pupils in the class, including LA and SEN. Separate provision may be needed bearing in mind they don’t have the support they would have in school

Contacting Children and Parents/Carers in the Event of a Class Closure

  • Please call to speak to parents and the children once during the week
  • If you are unable to get through within the first two days and/or have not spoken to them through our online learning portals, please notify the school office
  • If a child is not accessing the learning within the first two days, please call to speak to the parent and notify the school office
  • It is important that we act on these last two bullet points quickly

As staff will still be teaching their classes in school as normal, they cannot be on hand for the online learning all day

Please ensure that teachers check in with the children working at home in the morning and again in the afternoon

Child Isolating Learning Expectations

  • Work will be set and communicated via MS Teams
  • If the child is well, we expect them to complete daily activities
  • Please ensure that the work set is pitched appropriately, including LA and SEN
  • The activities will mainly be online, and children need to ‘hand in’ their work (please see above)
  • Please ensure that the work set is appropriate and follows what is being covered in class
  • Please provide feedback on the learning once a day

Contacting children and parents/carers if they are self-isolating

  • Please telephone to speak to the child and parent once a week to discuss the home learning
  • Please ensure you have contact with the parents via Dojo during the week
  • Support will contact the children they support in addition
  • The school office will contact the family to advise them of return dates and also deal with the negative test result collection if needed
  • If you are unable to get through within the first two days and/or have not spoken to the through our online learning portals, please notify SLT
  • If the child is not accessing learning within the first two days, please call the parents to discuss and notify SLT
  • It is important that we act on these last two bullet points quickly

Date of last review:
September 2021

Date of next review:
September 2024