School Uniform

The Governing Body encourages the wearing of school uniform. Most children enjoy the feeling of ‘belonging’ to a school and the pride thus engendered is reflected in a pride in their work

Children should wear safe, sensible footwear for school, (black shoes). Please help us by not allowing your child to wear unsuitable high-heeled shoes, ‘flip-flops’, high-sided trainers or boots to school. Children should not wear jewellery at school and will be asked to remove any rings, chains etc for safety reasons. Children with pierced ears should wear only studs or small sleepers for the same reasons

PE Kit

All children will need plimsolls, shorts, T-shirt, named bag to keep the kit in. Children may being a tracksuit for outdoor PE if the weather is cold

Acton Gardens Primary School -D

The following items are available from Juniper Uniform

  • Navy V-Neck Jumper (with school logo)
  • Navy Cardigan(with school logo)
  • Navy blazer (with school logo)
  • School Ties (Elastic) – Reception – Year 2
  • School Ties (navy with jade stripes) Year 3 – Year 6
  • School Cap
  • Green PE Shirt (with or without school logo)
    • Navy blue Tracksuit top (with or without school logo)
    • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms
    • Trainers – plain black or plain white
  • PE Bag (with school logo)
  • School Back Pack – small   (Reception – Year 2)
  • School Back Pack – junior (Year 3 – Year 6)
  • Nursery Polo shirt
  • Nursery Sweatshirt
  • Reversible Jacket

The rest of the uniform can be purchased from other retail outlets or supermarkets:

  • White Shirt or polo shirt
  • Dark grey trousers
  • Dark grey skirt or pinafore
  • Navy blue tracksuit bottoms
  • Black socks & tights
  • Black shoes (no trainers)
  • NB: Headscarves should be black or navy

Summer uniform (optional):

  • Navy blue or dark grey shorts
  • Blue summer dress