Wrap Around Care

Breakfast & After School Club

At Acton Gardens, we provide affordable childcare to support our working families. This provision takes place in the safe and nurturing environment of our school, with school staff whom the children are all familiar with. We have created a relaxed atmosphere for the children to play, create, engage and most importantly have fun

The breakfast club runs from 8 am to 8:45 am. The children are allowed to choose from a range of breakfast cereals such as porridge and Weetabix, there are also bread-based items including bagels and crumpets available daily. Once the children have eaten, they can engage in a range of calming activities such as puzzles, colouring and Lego

After School Club runs from 3:15 pm – 5:30 pm. Children are collected from their classes by our staff when they are then taken to ASC. We start each session by having healthy snacks including sandwiches and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Once the children have finished, we go into our main room where we provide a wide range of activities including play, arts and crafts, board games, challenges and sports-based activities

Cost – we offer either a day rate or a weekly rate for our provision

Breakfast Club – £2.50 per day or £10 per week
After School Club – £7.50 per day or £30 per week

If you would like any more information regarding our wraparound provision, please speak to Miss Becky

Magic Breakfast

At Acton Gardens Primary School, we recognise the importance of having breakfast for both health and attainment. That is why we are working with the charity, Magic Breakfast, to ensure that ALL children have food available to them when they come to school. We offer bread-based items such as bagels and crumpets. We would still encourage those children who can have breakfast at home to continue to do so

For more information regarding Magic Breakfast, please follow this link